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Join our industry leading courses and certifications in Global Trade Compliance, Supply chain Sustainability, Supply Chain Strategy and Leadership. Train and upskill your teams to manage your most pressing business problems.

Need to build global trade and supply chain knowledge across your organization?  Consider training interdepartmental teams together, accelerating the knowledge base and reducing risk in global transactions.   

Global Trade Compliance Courses 

Build your global trade expertise, and learn how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of imports, exports, customs and compliance. Join SNCG in one of E2Open's certifications such as the Certified Classification Specialist™ (CCLS ™), Duty Drawback Specialist™ (DBS™) and Export Controls Specialist (EXCS ™) or in one of our industry leading courses:

1. Certified Classification Specialist (CCLS ™)
2. Duty Drawback Specialist (DBS ™)

3. Export Control Specialist (EXCS ™)

4. HS Classification for Importers and Exporters

5. USMCA/Free Trade agreements

6. Mastering Import Transactions: A to Z

7. Mastering Export Transactions: A to Z

8. Classification of Parts and Accessories for Automotive, Aerospace, and Machinery 

Supply Chain Sustainability & ESG courses and certifications

ESG is a crucial aspect of corporate success and an ethical imperative. However, implementing the right Supply Chain ESG programs and their underlying practices remains a challenge. Build your ESG expertise, and learn how to navigate ESG regulation and reporting to drive the success of your initiatives with one of our industry leading ESG courses

1. UFLPA – Advanced Workshop

2. Beyond Reporting: the transformative power of ESG

3. Complying with the EU’s CSRD for US-based Importers/Exporters 

4. Preparing the SEC Climate Rule

5. ESG and outsourcing: implications for ESG regulation

6. Collecting and reporting data for EU’s ESRS 1 and ESRS 2 

7. Collecting and reporting data for EU’s ESRS topical standards. 

Supply Chain Management courses and certifications

Supply chain strategy and transformation is a top five priority for CEOs of major corporations, to build resilience, agility and improve overall performance. Join one of our supply chain strategy courses delivered by award winning instructors and become an expert in supply chain management:

1. Deploying AI in supply chains: Do’s and Don’ts

2. From data visualization to supply chain strategy

3. Managing your SC footprint

4. Building collaborative SCs

5. Becoming a Partnership and Alliance champion

6. Improving supplier engagement

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Global Trade

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SC Strategy & Sustainability

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