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Our unique know-how

The Supply Network Consulting Group brings together consulting, training and research to help your organization navigate the complexity of today’s supply chains. Our expertise in Global Trade and B2B Collaboration will fuel your growth and build resilience and adaptability in your supply chain.

SNCG's experienced team provides actionable, data-driven solutions to clients' strategic supply chain pain points. Our experience spans across industries, in both public and private MNCs and SMEs in the USA and Europe. We will support your growth with our consulting services and custom-made trainings and certifications. 

Our Team

Managing Director, Global Trade

Director, SC Strategy & Sustainability

Suzanne is SNCG’s Managing Director. She has extensive expertise in developing and executing global trade frameworks and in harmonizing her clients’ approach to managing compliance with international regulations. She expertly guides companies through government-industry partnership programs such as ESG, CTPAT, AEO and CTPAT Trade Compliance (formerly Importer Self-Assessment).

Building on her experience in distilling and making complex rules understandable, Suzanne was an adjunct professor at Baruch College where she taught global trade courses. Suzanne is frequently called upon to share industry knowledge on global trade policies and their impact on companies. She has spoken on behalf of trade associations worldwide including GTEC, NCBFAA, CSCMP, AAEI, NAFTZ and the ELogistics Forum. 

Prior to joining SNCG, Suzanne was a Director at E2Open and Amber Road and was the CEO of Customs & Trade Solutions, Inc and the Global Trade Academy. 

Areas of Specialization: 
• Global trade risk modelling
• Global trade compliance 
• Supply chain sustainability and forced labor 
• Supply chain assessments
• Import/export optimization 

Jonathan is SNCG’s Director for Supply Chain Strategy & Sustainability. He has extensive expertise in developing and implementing collaboration frameworks and streamlining his clients’ approach to building and sustaining resilient supply chains. Jonathan developed the Collaborative Environment and Behaviors Tool©  to support companies in deploying collaborative relationships. His 360° framework is widely adopted by companies seeking ISO 44001 certification. 

 Jonathan is a multiple awards winning lecturer for bachelor and graduate courses at Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick. He is frequently called upon to share industry knowledge on collaborative practices and cultural integration and their impact on supply chain performance. He has spoken on behalf of trade associations and academic conferences worldwide including ICW, APM, CSCMP, and Euroma. 

Prior to joining SNCG, Jonathan was a researcher and educator at Warwick Business School in the UK, was a consultant specialised in alliance and collaboration with the ICW and was a director at BJ2.

Areas of Specialization: 
• Supply chain strategy
• Cultural assessments
• Supply chain sustainability and governance
• Supply chain assessments 

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Suzanne Richer, Managing Director,

Global Trade

Dr. Jonathan Canioni, Director,

Collaboration & Alliances

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