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Academy of Global Trade

Where the experts learn

Raise awareness, build knowledge and develop expertise in Global Trade Compliance, Green Trade & ESG Excellence, Supply Chain Leadership and Supply Network Strategy . All our courses are available publicly and in--house.

Need to build global trade and/or collaborative knowledge across your organization?  Consider training interdepartmental teams together, accelerating the knowledge base

Key offerings include:

1. Classification courses

2. USMCA Qualifications

3. Incoterms

4. Country of Origin Determination

5. Importing from A to Z

6. Export Compliance 

7. FTZ Compliance and Operations 

8. Customs Valuation 

9. ECCN Classification

10. Marking and Labeling 

Obtain one of E2Open's Global Trade Academy's industry leading global trade certifications:

Certified Classification Specialist™ (CCLS™)

Learn more about CCLS™

Duty Drawback Specialist™ (DBS™)

Learn more about DBS™

Export Controls Specialist™ (EXCS™)

Learn more about EXCS™

Key offerings include:

1. EU's CSRD and ESRS for US based-importers and Exporters

2. Managing Forced Labor Requirements in your Global Transactions

3. EPA Smartway classification 

4. Applying the U.N. Global Compact principles

5. The Triple Bottom Line: measuring sustainable performance 

6. ESG Export Compliance 

7. SEC Climate Rule 

8. Building a Supply Chain ESG Collaborative Program

9. ULFPA: Identifying and Mitigating Risks

Key offerings include:

1. Supply Chain Risk Management

2. Supply Chain Performance Management

3. Supply Chain Footprint

4. Supply Chain Data Integration

5. Reducing Silos

6. Supplier Relationship 101

7. Alliances and Partnering 101

8. How to Develop a Supply Chain Audit

9. How to Develop a Competency Audit

Key offerings include:

1. Understanding the Principles of Collaboration

2. Collaborative Leadership Course

3. Developing Champions Internally 

4. Designing Collaborative Cultures

5. Managing Collaboration from pre-formation to dissolution

6. Navigating Collaborative Behaviours and Competencies 

Bring Our Courses In-House

Need to build global trade knowledge across your organization?  Consider training interdepartmental teams together, accelerating the knowledge base and reducing risk in global transactions.   

Courses will be tailored to your group, attendees and selected topics.  Typical intercompany programs include members of finance, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, product development, engineering, legal, import or export team members, inventory management to name a few.   

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Suzanne Richer, Managing Director,

Global Trade

Dr. Jonathan Canioni, Director,

SC Strategy & Sustainability

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