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Driving your supply network forward
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Manage your supply chain trade, compliance and ESG risks with our Global trade and supply chain consulting practice


  1. Global Trade Compliance: Audits, SOPs, Risk Models 

  2. Forced Labor Assessments and program development  

  3. Green Trade / ESG: reporting SOPs and reduction of footprint

  4. Supplier Relationship Assessments & Cultural transformation

Develop your expertise in global trade compliance, classification, ESG and supply chain strategy

Academy of Global Trade

When trade regulation changes, so must your internal expertise. 
We offer training to build awareness, knowledge and expertise in: 

  1. Global Trade Compliance

  2. Government to industry programs

  3. Trade regulation

  4. Green Trade & ESG Excellence

  5. Supply Chain Leadership

  6. Supply Network Strategy

Learn how to deploy supply chain initiatives and programs through our insights and research


Discover SNCG's latest perspectives, research and ideas. Explore our content on current practices and trends shaping the future of global trade, supply chains and society

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Suzanne Richer, Managing Director,

Global Trade

Dr. Jonathan Canioni, Director,

SC Strategy & Sustainability

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